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RFID Checkered conductive cloth(40-85g)

  • RFID Checkered conductive cloth(40-85g)
  • Substrate:Polyester+Nickel plating + copper plating
  • Features: Flexible/Easy to process punching type/Overcoating/Excellent bending durability/Good secondary workability, high variability/Strong electrical conductivity
  • Unit of measurement for shipment (m²/m/yards)
  • Packing method: folded or roll
  • Application scenarios: electromagnetic shielding filler for communication / electromagnetic high magnetic radiation work clothes / shielding wall special shielding cloth / shielding curtain / coated conductive sponge made of conductive liner / other places or supplies requiring electromagnetic shielding
  • Storage and use: should avoid high temperature, light, humid environment storage. Do not expose to air for a long time to avoid oxidative discoloration. When not in use, it can be stored in a plastic bag. Avoid contact with acids and alkalis when using.
  • It can be bonded with conductive adhesive, hot melt adhesive and flame retardant adhesive as needed. Surface blackening products and products with enhanced antioxidant effect are also available
※RFID Checkered conductive cloth(40-85g)※
Product Name: density thickness:mm Grammage:g Resistance value:Ω Width:mm
0.035Square grain conductive cloth 300T 0.035±0.004 40±5 ≦0.05 1100mm
0.08Square grain conductive cloth 260T/280T 0.08±0.007 80±10 ≦0.05 1100mm
0.1Square grain conductive cloth 280T 0.1±0.007 85±10 ≦0.05 1100mm
0.09Diamond-shaped conductive cloth 210T 0.09±0.007 85±10 ≦0.05 1100mm