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Four-sided elastic silver fiber cloth-base weight(120g)

  • Four-sided elastic silver fiber cloth-base weight(120g)
  • Yarn count:70D Density: 75
  • Dyeing and finishing process:Custom knitting and dyeing
  • Unit of measurement for shipment (m²/m/yards)
  • Packing method: folded or roll
  • Applicable people: adults/Applicable season: Four seasons
  • Advantages: abrasion resistance / high color fastness / washable resistance/Resistant to oxidation/Resistant to perspiration/High elasticity/Good antibacterial properties
  • Application scenarios: shielded electromagnetic clothing/shapewear/health monitoring clothing/bedding/Medical excipients/electronic equipment, etc
  • Washing method: room temperature hand washing / neutral washing liquid / can not be scrubbed hard / can be gently grasped and washed
  • Storage and use: should avoid high temperature, light, humid environment storage. Do not expose to air for a long time to avoid oxidative discoloration. When not in use, it can be stored in plastic bags. When used, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, which will corrode the silver layer and seriously affect the performance of the product.
  • The product supports customization or OEM including (fabric width/fabric base weight/shielding value, etc.)
※Four-sided elastic silver fiber cloth-base weight(120g):TY-08※
Technical data sheet Standard value Testing standards
thickness(mm) 0.31±0.02 ASTM D3652
Width(M) 1.50±0.20 /
base weight (g/m²) 115±5 ASTM F390
Surface resistance (Ω) ≤2 ASTM F390
Shielding effectiveness:10MZ-3GHZ (db) ≥50 SJ20524-1995
Fabric composition Nylon68%+Elastane16%+silver16% AATCC TM8-2001