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Conductive network yarn(100/200mesh)

  • Conductive network yarn(100/200mesh)
  • Substrate:Polyester+Nickel plating + copper plating
  • Features: Good electrical conductivity / good light transmission and ventilation effect / flexibility and stability
  • Unit of measurement for shipment (m²/m/yards)
  • Packing method: folded or roll
  • Application scenarios: It is suitable for the production of PDP plasma TV frame, front panel shielding material, shielding display window, optical filter, shielding net, shielding curtain, shielding wall curtain, {anti-radiation curtain, anti-radiation wall curtain} and other electronic anti-radiation products
  • Cleaning method: do not brush, do not rub forcefully
  • It can be bonded with conductive adhesive, hot melt adhesive and flame retardant adhesive as needed. Surface blackening products and products with enhanced antioxidant effect are also available