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The working principle of silver fiber and its application in textiles

  1. Good radiation protection effect
    Silver fiber can conduct electricity very quickly and efficiently, prevent the human body from electric shock, and protect the human body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect their fetuses from electromagnetic wave pollution). After strict inspection by the Shanghai Test Center in China, it can achieve a shielding effect of 60-80db in the electromagnetic frequency from 0.1MHz to 20GHz.
  2. Antistatic
    People often encounter troubles such as static clicking and static adhesion, which can cause serious harm in some industrial productions. As we all know, silver is an object with high electrical conductivity, so silver fiber is an excellent antistatic textile. Products such as clothing or shoes and socks that contain a small amount of Hengtong silver fiber material can quickly dissipate frictional charges and make static electricity disappear, making it a safe and comfortable product.
  3. Silver fiber deodorizing (not smelly) function:
    Silver fiber provides dual antibacterial and deodorizing functions. The growth of bacteria will cause body odor. Coincidentally, the altered protein will also cause odor on products such as clothes and socks. The components on the surface of silver fiber can quickly and immediately adsorb the altered protein to it. And reduce and eliminate odor.
  4. Antibacterial function of silver fiber:
    The antibacterial function of silver fiber has long been confirmed by many well-known institutions around the world. In addition to undergoing many experiments and tests, it has also been the focus of many abstracts issued by medical publications in the past few years. The outlines of these documents unanimously emphasize that silver fibers provide unparalleled and unprecedented high antibacterial functions. Quite a few The discussion also shows that when people wear silver fiber products, they can very effectively control the growth of bacteria in sweat.
    Bacteria elimination speed
    Silver fiber can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on exposed surfaces in less than an hour (while most other antibacterial products fail to achieve the same effect after 48 hours of testing)
  5. Safe and natural elements
    Silver fiber is made of pure silver. It is a natural metallic silver that is catalyzed by the world’s cutting-edge technology in the ionic state in fibers and fabrics. It is a natural element formed in nature and has no toxic side effects of general chemical products. Silver is an element that is medically safe for mammals and is a benign substance (generally using chemical antibacterial products may cause harm to the human body)
    Silver fiber does not just attach silver to the surface, but polymerizes silver and fiber into a single entity that does not peel off, becoming a whole shiny silver fiber. The function of silver fiber is permanent and will not change over time. After 50 actual washing tests, the antibacterial function of silver fiber has not decreased at all.
  6. Regulation of body temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer): The human body regulates body temperature in warm weather.
    Conduction is the main means of transmitting heat, and silver fiber can accelerate the transfer of heat from human skin. It is completely different from traditional fabrics that act as conductive obstacles. It directs heat from human skin to the surrounding air, making the body feel cooler and transmitting moisture, as before. As mentioned, silver fibers accelerate the movement of moisture through evaporation. On hot days, silver fiber clothing can minimize moisture contact with the skin, thus improving comfort.
  7. Eliminate static electricity and promote blood circulation (maintain health)
    Silver fiber has curative properties, and its superior medical properties have been widely used in medical products for burns and scalds.
    Due to the high conductivity of silver, as long as a small amount of Hengtong silver fiber is present on the clothing, the static electricity generated by friction will be quickly eliminated, making the product comfortable without static electricity. Therefore, the silver fiber can conduct the electricity out very quickly and efficiently. , and can protect the human body from electromagnetic waves.
    When an electric current passes through a conducting medium, a magnetic field is naturally generated. According to this point of view, due to the friction of limb movements, a lot of static electricity will be generated. When these static electricity pass through the highly conductive silver fiber, the silver fiber will convert these static electricity into a magnetic field, eliminating the tension caused by static electricity to the human body, promoting blood circulation and reducing the edema.